Signum Insights is a small team of passionate people with a wide range of training, competencies, and interests.

Our Team

Laura Rosen, PhD
Director of Research and Evaluation

Laura has a broad range of research experience, and is widely published in academic and non-academic outlets. She has presented her work to a range of audiences from the local to international stage. In addition to having her PhD in neuroscience, Laura is also a freelance writer and statistical programmer.

Joel Armstrong, PhD
Director of Analytics

Joel spent several years as a Process Transformation Specialist with a focus on manufacturing and healthcare. Since then, he has spent nearly a decade acquiring skills as a research scientist and a data scientist studying Psychology  

during his PhD.

Kelly Barnes, PhD
Director of Knowledge Mobilization

Kelly is a researcher passionate about people and dedicated to taking an evidence-based approach to social change. She has a PhD in Social Psychology and six years of experience conducting research in both academic and non-profit settings, as well as several years developing and evaluating government policy at the municipal and provincial levels.   

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