Knowledge is most useful when it is shared and applied, and when it comes to human psychology, we know quite a bit. Our workshops capitalize on our experience teaching university psychology, incorporating research from behavioral economics, human cognition, social psychology, and organizational behaviour to help the members of your organization develop a deeper understanding of topics like:

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Data Driven Storytelling

  • The Data Driven Organization

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Organization

  • The Psychology of Humans in the Workplace



One critical insight gleaned from more than a century of psychological research is that humans aren’t great at understanding how they think. Our workshops use behavioural science research to help your employees gain insight into their behaviour, beliefs, motivations, attitudes, and limitations, as well as their coworkers’ and clients’. We want the members of your organization to learn everything they need to know about themselves to thrive. 



Most people have had the experience of attending a workshop where everyone had fun and learned some interesting ideas. But by the next day, nothing has changed. When it comes to the pitfalls that make it so tough for humans to change behaviour, forewarned is forearmed. That's why our workshops pair insights participants have gained with exercises that build the skills needed to implement their new insights and measurably improve. 



Knowledge that doesn't change behaviour is no more useful than knowledge that doesn't exist at all. Change is tough, and just handing someone new information doesn’t mean they can or will apply it. That's why your team members will leave our workshops with a game plan to make concrete, positive changes the next time they sit down to work.

If your organization could benefit from one of our workshops, or you want to chat about the critical role workplace relationships play in job satisfaction, please reach out. Also, if there's a workshop you'd like to see that we don't offer, let us know! We're always looking for opportunities to expand our offerings.