Our Team

Our team has worked with a range of organizations including:

  • United Way

  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees

  • MS Society

  • Government of Ontario

  • Canadian Mental Health Association

  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

  • SickKids Hospital

  • Thames Valley District School Board

  • London Municipal Government


Laura is an expert in memory and addiction. She doesn’t work with animals she's allergic to anymore, which is better. Now, she asks low-income individuals in rural areas to tell her what their lives are like and writes reports to tell the public about them, she uses data to ensure that schools are disciplining children in a safe and fair manner, and she checks that training in hospitals has been useful and effective. She also rock climbs, bakes, sews, and teaches Psyc 2021 – Addictive Behaviours and Psyc 4224 - Behavioural Pharmacology.

Laura Rosen, PhD

Director of Research and Evaluation

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Joel Armstrong, PhD

Joel is an expert in attitudes and the psychology of justice. He doesn’t ask people’s reactions to hypothetical scenarios about racial profiling and random acts of violence anymore, which is nice. Now, he tries to figure out why some people are less likely to get the mental health care they need, he helps the UN maximize the donations they receive to help refugees, he writes programs to test the most effective presentation of lunchmeats in the grocery store, and he designs this website. He also plays floor hockey, woodworks, spends far too much time reading about renewable energy, and teaches Psyc 2065 – The Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

Director of Analytics

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Kelly is an expert in immigration and nationalism. She doesn’t ask people what they think about maintaining prestige and status for their nation at the expense of other nations anymore, which is fine. Now, she develops measurable standards to hold the government accountable for keeping its citizens safe, she investigates how we should utilize resources to protect pets and animals from abuse, and she helps the government analyze which plans will do the most to reduce poverty. She also paints, plays DnD, goes to Youtube creator conventions, and used to teach Psyc 2012 – Psychology and Diversity.

Kelly Barnes, PhD

Director of Knowledge Communication

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Chelsea Kirk, MSc

Even our resident client management expert has a behavioural science background! She doesn’t time rats in mazes anymore, which has both upsides and downsides. Chelsea spent over half a decade in sales and client relations with a software company in Seattle, before succumbing to her hiraeth and moving home to Kentucky. Now, she runs a farm, triathlons, the Bluegrass Alumni Association of Alpha Phi Omega and Commonwealth Coaching, where she helps organizations foster healthy, inclusive, and motivated workplaces.

Manager of Sales and Client Relations

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